Pre-Fabricated Skids and Bespoke Equipment

Shutdown times can be dramatically reduced and installation space saved  with the use of standard or custom designed pre-fabricated and tested skids for ‘Plug & Play’ site installation. These skid systems can include CIP, heating, cooling, decanting and many other process solutions.

  • Bespoke or Standard Skids – Pre-fabricated and pre-tested process skids for any application from product heating or product cooling to CIP/SIP systems and decanting pump sets. Skids can be made  mobile with wheels and connection plugs / unions or designed to be fitted on site, connected and left
  • Flow Plates – Flow plates for product routing or CIP/SIP isolation can be fabricated to suit, complete with RJT or DIN connections, valves and proximity sensors
  • Pump Sets – PDI Ltd. can supply and install Grundfos Hydro MPC-E off-the-shelf pump sets or design, fabricate and install bespoke pump sets, to suit your application
Bespoke or Standard Skids
Flow Plates
Pump Sets
Pump Skids
Pump Skid
Dosing Skids
Small Pump Skids

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